Inspiring Change Through Competition

It is back! With almost two years of absence, the competition has made its comeback this year academic year (2019-20). In the past, it focused solely on residences competing against one another to lower their energy consumption. Now, the scope of the competition has widened massively. Points are rewarded to halls for taking initiative on:

  • saving energy consumption (5o pts per month)
  • reducing post-consumer plate food waste in their dining halls (20 pts per month)
  • upping dry mixed recycling rates against landfill weights (20 pts per month)
  • greening out their annual Hall Balls (50 pts per year)
  • supporting already existing projects around community gardening, active travel (biking/walking) and sharing secondhand items (5 pts every time evidence is shown)
  • anything that promotes discussion, raises awareness and enable creative engagement around climate change (5 pts every time evidence is shown)

The hall that scores the highest each month wins £150 towards their hall committee funds, to be spent on sustainability-related events and projects. There are more prizes for each semester’s winners too. What’s not to love? Take action on building community, saving energy, tackling waste and get rewarded for it.

The First Month Is Over

November sees us into the second month of the competition, which means we’ve already had a winner. Congratulations to Agness Blackadder Hall! They topped the table on reducing their energy consumption compared to past residents and also set up their very own reuse/swapping station.

In 2nd place was John Burnett Hall! They had the lowest food waste weights per person per plate.

Now into November, let’s see what unfolds in the competition! It’s an exciting time for climate action and the Hall Environment Reps and their Green Teams are definitely looking like an inspired bunch.