My name is Jacob Lovatt and I’ve recently been appointed via Transition St Andrews as the Active Travel Network Project Worker for St Andrews over the next six weeks.

The role funded by Sustrans Places for Everyone programme will facilitate engagement with residents and local businesses in a programme aimed at making walking, wheeling and cycling safe and desirable for everyone in the town. This will involve a considerable amount of public engagement work and build on the great work that has already been done.

I have lived in the town for nearly three years and coming from a decade working in cycling development in Glasgow see huge potential for the project. I’ve cycled and walked around the town, made journeys to and from schools with my children and understand some of the challenges this project faces and will, no doubt, learn much more in the coming weeks.

For the project to be successful we need to establish contact with a wide range of groups and individuals in the town with the aim of getting them involved. In these very early stages of the project we need input from the community so that we better understand the obstacles faced in making active travel choices and we would also like to hear from those making journeys around the town by foot or on wheels. Please get in touch with me to discuss getting involved –