The return to work has given us all a lot to think about – but have you considered the commute? Lots have things have changed over the last year and with change comes the opportunity to improve.

We’re inviting everyone at the University of St Andrews to Commute Back Better in a bid to reduce our environmental impact.

Often overlooked, commuting emissions account for 5% of the UK’s total emissions – 18 billion kg of CO2e annually. One of the easiest ways to reduce your Co2e is to share the commute with a colleague. 

Sharing a lift would save 1 tonne of CO2 per year – that’s the equivalent a return-flight from Paris to New York!

Some of you may be aware we have a dedicated Liftshare scheme set up to connect you with colleagues that are commuting your way. It’s quick, easy and FREE to sign up. As a celebration of sustainable travel, Liftshare will be running a host of online events to support you to Commute Back Better:

Did you know?

• During rush hour, 90% of cars have just 1 person in them
• 92% of commuters have at least one person they could share a lift with
• On average, regularly sharing your commute saves 1 tonne of CO2e annually
• Car sharing reduces air pollution and localised congestion making better commutes for all
• Sharing’s not just good for the planet – but also your pocket! Sharers save hundreds in travels costs every year!

It’s fantastic to have so many staff returning to work – and even better if we can travel together and make a difference to the climate change crisis.

To attend this online event, click here. Now’s the time to #CommuteBackBetter!