Join the active travel movement in style with our new batch of gazelle bikes.  These lightweight and durable bikes will be available as part of our growing fleet of rentable bikes. 

The rental system offers a low commitment way of cycling with options to rent the bike for 3,6,9 or 12 months.  We’ve found road step-through bikes to be most popular amongst staff and students. These bikes offer the perfect addition to our fleet. 

With the return of student and staff commutes and the approaching COP26 negotiations, the new batch will arrive just in time to get from a-to-b with zero emissions.

The Gazelle CityGo C7 bikes are ideal for the daily commute around town. They feature: safely integrated lighting on the front and rear; protection from theft with a ring and chain lock; 7 speed gears; a lightweight and step-through frame; and a secure luggage carrier. The durability of the bike ensures long-lasting use with limited maintenance required. To make these bikes as affordable as possible, Transition is offering rental at a greatly reduced price from the original purchase. 

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