We have been talking with the makers of the The Bush, a play by Mary Alice Cooper. Writer, actor and theatre-maker Alice Mary Cooper as she presented her new show The Bush at The Byre Theatre this August followed by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022.

In this one-woman performance, Alice recalled the inspiring true story of 13, 1970’s ‘housewives’ who battled for 10 years to save bushland in her native Sydney – starting a nationwide movement of Green Bans, protecting land and the natural environment from destruction across Australia.

Alice is passionate about using her arts practice to create a more sustainable future, ideally making people smile in the process. To get from show to show Alice cycles and uses public transport to travel to lower her carbon footprint. She was supported by us as she cycled from the Byre to the St Andrews Botanic Garden where the show was performed in the open air.

“I want to use my arts practice to help create a more sustainable environment and future. In order for humans to be able to create a sustainable future together, we are going to need to radically shift the way we think about the way we live on this planet. In order to make this shift, we need to alter our ways of thinking and doing; our culture. ” “We must imagine other futures and this means thinking in new ways, taking risks, and experimenting- and these things must be made desirable and encouraged from a young age, ” Alice comments. Alice is familiar with the work of Transition as she is a member of Transition Willowbrae, where she lives in Edinburgh.

“I’m delighted to have the funding (from Creative Scotland Touring Fund) to be able to cycle tour (and train) this show around Scotland. “I’ve learnt a lot about touring and cycling as we have travelled and really keen to share that knowledge once the tour is over and hopefully encourage others to think about doing something similar, if, where and when they can in whatever way is appropriate and possible for them. I also can’t wait to meet other companies doing similar things across Scotland and the world,” commented Alice.

To find out more about Alice and her work https://alicemarycooper.co.uk/ https://transitionwillowbrae.uk/


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