Sandy Sausages, Beachy Burgers and Perfect Pizzas

The weather held out for a cool evening on the beach, joined by some 30 faces, old and new. The sausages sizzled, the burgers were bunned, but it was the pizzas that stole the show!

Our very own Ooni Pizza Oven – which you can loan via Tool Share – soared to high temperatures, baking up delightful and (some very) experimental pizzas. It was a complete hit with folk rolling up their sleeves to select their bespoke toppings. The occasional pizza could have been very easily mistaken for a Jackson Pullock impersonation. If you missed out, we are gutted for you! The good news is that we are more than keen to do another pizza event before the semester ends.

Food really is the heartbeat of community. Food represents culture; it is sustanence; it brings people together. The BBQ was a lovely reminder of just this.

A core value of the Transition movement is to celebrate, which can be done in various ways. In St Andrews, we have tended to do this by cooking for and with people. In turn, we create the space to celebrate our relationships, our collective resilience, and remind ourselves of the value grassroots climate action has in our local area.

Raise a glass and pizza to the next one!