St Andrews’ New Community Car Club

We are all about sharing at Transition: skills, tools, bikes, and now, cars. Not just lifts, but whole vehicles. That is right, St Andrews is back with a new community car club – Hiya Car!

When you consider that the UK’s 33 million+ cars lie idle 96% of the time, sharing cars is sensible way to reduce emissions and free up space for other stuff we need such as more suitable cycle paths, community facilities, and public artwork. When we also consider the costs and hassle of private car ownership, car sharing can make us think differently about how we choose to travel.

We are now looking for car owners who would like to put their car into this new car club operated by HiyaCar. It is a bit like Airbnb for cars. The legal and insurance aspects are taken care of by the company and, HiyaCar’s free app lets you hire cars directly from people in your neighbourhood instantly using a unique keyless technology. It is fast, secure, and cheaper than any old-style car rental, because you are renting from people just like you.

As part of the launch, we are offering the first 10 owners in St Andrews free QuickStart installations. (Usually £150).

Get in touch to find out more or list your car as an owner now or use our first car in St Andrews here.

The first of the HiyaCar fleet, parked by the Gateway Building, North Haugh