Easily prepared and with remarkably few ingredients, on Friday afternoon Nami taught us that good Asian food need not be complicated. In fact, barring the fresh vegetables (which are readily available in St Andrews) most students probably have the remaining ingredients lurking at the back of their cupboards.  Nami’s recipes for Fiery Soy Stir Fry and Vegetarian Soup can be found here.

There were 8 of us in total, from 5 different countries, and we very much enjoyed sharing our foodie knowledge.  We all contributed to the cooking and a wealth of chopping styles were on show. We then ate the delicious meal together. The ingredients cost very little but there was enough food to feed an army. It appears that Nami’s recipes whilst low-carbon and delicious are also easy on the purse-strings.

A lot of the vegetables used in the dishes are locally found: particularly the root vegetables and we provided class participants with some more information on how to prepare this type of produce. Root vegetables are a great source of sweet, filling comfort on cold February days but unfortunately are often branded as ‘boring’. Hopefully some of our ideas (which can be downloaded here ) will convince you otherwise!

Importantly Nami’s dishes are also vegetarian. Meat consumption accounts for a great deal of the high carbon emissions of Western Countries. Transition University of St Andrews  is part of the Part-Time Carnivore initiative which tries to encourage participants to eat a little (or a lot!) less meat. Click here for more information and to sign up to our pledge.

If you would like to attend one of our upcoming cooking classes we would be more than delighted to welcome you.Information can be found here on times and locations. Alternatively sign up to  our twitter feed or facebook page to be reminded.